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I must say the scenarios have proved useful in understanding business from a finance point of view. Too often non-finance managers tend to work in isolation, without much real understanding of how their actions can impact items in the Balance Sheet, P&L account and Cash Flow Statement. The fact that how, as a non-finance manager, one manages debtors, runs processes efficiently to reduce inventories, manages working capital,etc. can have a strong bearing on the profitability of a division or a company, is an important learning that I hope to implement in the projects I henceforth do in real life.
Saugata Ghosh (Finance 360 Degrees), Mentor, Veritas Prep
I handled Problem Management through a different process but without much success. With what I have learned in the Problem Solving Managers Course, I have found a simple model which has increased my confidence to visualise and address real issues. I now know what is a chronic problem and how to address it. I am sure it would be a great tool for change management as well. I already feel a change in me and how I systematically approach an issue. I highly recommend this course!
Yeshavantha Nanjundappa (Problem Solving), PMP, ITIL Expert
This course is unique.Till now there is no curriculum covering these aspects of problem solving approach. After viewing these videos and taking part in different activities, I feel a different perspective to understand the problem and get a way forward to solve the same. It gives me a mature understanding about the solving process of any case. I recommend this course as must do course for those who are at decision making position!
Aashutosh Vidyarthi (Problem Solving), Industrial Engineer, Ultratech Cement
I don’t recall a training course as resourceful as “Problem Solving for Managers”; it is readily applicable to the kind of chronic problems managers face at work. Having Mr. Suresh Lulla, one of the Greats of Quality, directing the course is a great joy. Without a speck of hesitation, I recommend it!
Tariq A. Aldowaisan (Problem Solving), Professor of Industrial Engineering, Kuwait University; and Founding Partner & Senior Consultant, Gulf Lead Consultants
Business 360 Degrees course has forced me to think and come up with ingenious solutions…its been an immense amount of learning… 
Dipankar Guha, Consultant


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Business is not just about your department. That’a a typical ‘frog in the well‘ mentality. If you are planning to reach the top, you have to learn to take a comprehensive 360 degree view of business and make critical decisions that have impact not just on what you do but on strategy, marketing, finance and operations. This online course will enable you to build that experience!

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For those who do not understand finance. It is the language of business which the top management speaks and uses to measure business results. Without an understanding of finance, you stand at a significant disadvantage in your career.

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Problem Solving is a critical skill and how effectively you do it determines how successful you are. Business problems are getting increasingly complex and you need the right skill set to be able to identify and defined problems right.

This online course will equip you to solve chronic problems and unlock value.

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