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With Learning Infinite, you can

Take online courses  anytime, anywhere on Business, Finance, Problem Solving and Personal Effectiveness.
Learn and build experience with a unique approach based on real life and business challenges.
Get guidance from experts who have considerable experience in their fields, that is, been there, done that.

Welcome To Learning Infinite

The world around us is changing dramatically and so is the way we work. This presents us with a unique challenge – to constantly reinvent ourselves. A significant factor in this reinvention process is learning. Learning helps you acquire the critical skills and knowledge that help you to take on challenges and beat the path to success and recognition. It is the fuel that keeps the fire inside burning. It is not easy as it sounds though.

So, how do you learn?

Learning truly takes place in real life situations. It comes about when we face challenges, solve real problems and in the process achieve mastery and growth through constant effort, discovery and reflection. Thus, we add to our experience.

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The current challenge – how do we learn today?

  • With demanding work conditions and equally demanding lifestyles, going back to college is not an option
  • At work, you typically receive training to stay in the job and not grow out of the job to go to the next level

Now, you will not let that hurdle stop you, will you?

Thankfully, this is the 21st century and technology is here to help.

With an online anytime, anywhere environment and guidance by renowned industry experts, learning can be very exciting and challenging.

Learning Infinite

With a combined experience of over 43 years and having experienced the problem for real, Satish and Vipin cofounded Learning Infinite.  As keen learners themselves, they have come out with a learning approach that has worked for them and hopefully works for you and me.

Our Mission

To facilitate learning of real life skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way and help realise one’s full potential through a process of Challenge. Discover. Grow.

Meet Our Team

Vipin Khandelwal
Vipin KhandelwalFounder, CEO
Vipin worked for almost a decade with Quantum, Bharti Airtel, etc in business and financial analysis, business development before taking up education as the place where he wanted to make a difference. He believes that everyone should realise their true calling when it is not about working but about being. He is a voracious reader, loves to travel and lives in Navi Mumbai.
Vishal Amberkar
Vishal AmberkarSenior Manager
Vishal has close to a decade of work experience in helping people invest better when he realised that he could truly help through learning and education. Vishal is on a mission – constantly interacting with seekers to help them identify the right learning courses for them. He lives with his wife and a sweet little daughter in Navi Mumbai.