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In my observations of learning methods in corporate environments (and generally everywhere), I have identified two issues:

First, learning is served through several training programs which are more like a KRA fulfilling exercise than to deliver real value add to participants.

Second, the methods of learning employed are those from the industrial age and are not suited for the information and knowledge age.

The information and technology revolution is yet to hit many people.

Look carefully at this image below. It has been derived from Motorola University: Creating Mindware for the 21st Century, Corporate University Xchange May/June 1996, Vol 2 No 3 and NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, 300 N. Lee Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314.

It shows the various methods you can use to learn and what effect they deliver in terms of learning retention.

Clearly, all the ways and means that have been used predominantly till date in every aspect of education and learning fail to deliver the goods.

So, what needs to be done? It is simple.

If you are serious about results, you need to change things.

You cannot be serving merely information through passive medium in the name of learning and training.

Even a lot of E-learning initiatives have gone down the same road. Lots of videos, audio, quizzes, exercises but they still fall short of making the circle complete.

Learning happens best in a participative mode.

Discussion groups, learning by doing and interacting with peers have to acquire more importance as learning methods. They have play the predominant role in the process. That is how the change will happen.

At Learning Infinite, we work with this very approach.

1. There are real challenges/problems/simulations to give you an actual learning by doing experience.

2. Peers and mentors/facilitators (including industry experts) ensure that discussions happen in groups and interaction with each other results in solid learning.

And of course, the virtual environment that makes this possible today connecting you with people far and wide.

The focus is on helping individuals not just learn but develop important skills of critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and decision making.

The proof of pudding lies in its eating. Check out our programs at www.learninginfinite.com.
You can also enrol for our FREE “Art of Business Storytelling” program.

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