You can enrol for a course by selecting the ‘See Pricing and Enrol’ option on the selected Course Page that will take you to the respective course description page on the Campus.

Once on the Course description page, you can follow the simple process below to enrol:

Enrolment Steps

In case of a FREE course, you get enrolled without requiring to make a payment.

 The payment can easily be made online. You have the option to make an online payment using a Credit / Debit Card or Netbanking.  If you prefer to make a Fund Transfer, our bank details are as follows:

Beneficiary name: Athena Education Initiatives Pvt Ltd
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Bank account number: 05012560004772
IFSC code: HDFC0000501

You also have an option to pay via Paypal.

When you pay through your Credit Card, your bank is most likely to offer you an option to convert your credit card transaction into monthly instalments or EMIs. Banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis, Citibank, etc are known to do it. Please talk to you bank representative to know more details.

In case you have any further questions, please get in touch with us or email us at enrol [at] learninginfinite [dot] com.

All our courses come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that comes with our trust in delivering value with our courses. If within 30 days of your participation on the course, you believe your expectations have not been met, you can claim a 100% Money Back (No questions asked. Your feedback is welcome though.)

On enrolment and payment completion, you receive an acknowledgement mail of the payment you have made. The access to your course is enabled immediately and you can then log in to the Learning Infinite Online Campus where the Course is now available and you begin your participation instantly.

 Once you enrol in a course, you will get access to the detailed course materials and schedule.

  • Each course has various sections and activities including things to read, videos to see, discussion forums and other interactive features like chats and messaging.
  • The courses also release a daily digest of all posting that comes to your email account. That helps you know what is happening in your course.

You can use each one of these activities at your own time, place and convenience. 

No there are not. The Learning Infinite Online Campus offers a self-paced learning platform that offers the flexibility of anytime, anywhere learning where you can time and pace your participation according to your convenience and complete the required number of hours. We encourage you to learn; everything else is secondary.

Our experts simply come into “been there, done that” category. You can know more about our facilitators on the expert page. The mentors and facilitators are available throughout your course enrolment duration to answer your queries, resolve your doubts and help you make forward movement.

  • In case of premium courses, the facilitator/mentor helps you get started with the course. This is done through a online chat. They also respond to posts on the discussion forums.
  • You can also send them messages privately for any help that you might need. 
Our present participants come with an average of 15 years of experience across industries already handling responsible positions and now keen to bridge gaps in their existing skill-sets and take on higher responsibilities.

They are from reputed companies like Infosys, Tata International, Tech Mahindra, Genpact and many more), enhance your learning with them. They are acquiring these skills on our experience driven platform through courses in Business, Finance and Problem Solving. 

Yes you will receive a certificate on completion of the course. You will also get a badge which you can showcase in your public social profiles as a mark of your achievement. 
Our real accreditation is the quality of our courses, material and the experience of our experts. Our courses aim to empower you as a learner with the skills and experience to apply to the real world problems – we guarantee transformation with pure unadulterated learning.
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