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Sooner or later in your career, you will reach a position that expects you to take a leap – in your skills, knowledge and ability. As a leader, a business head or a project supervisor – you will need to go beyond your limited domain expertise and show a much larger understanding of your organisation. You will have to make and drive effective decisions.

As a smart executive, you would want to be prepared today to welcome any opportunity or challenge that comes your way

With Learning Infinite’s online courses, your preparation can start now on a sound footing.

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Courses that help you stand out!  

Why Learning Infinite Courses?

  • Go beyond theory to practice skills that come in handy to deal with real world challenges.
  • Build and add on to your current experience and knowledge
  • Unique courses designed and delivered by industry experts – been there, done that
  • Learn critical skills -Business, Finance, Problem Solving and Personal Effectiveness
“Business 360 Degrees course has forced me to think and come up with ingenious solutions…its been an immense amount of learning…”
Dipankar Guha, Business 360 Course participant, Consultant, Mumbai

Course Key Features*

  • Learn anytime, anywhere at your time, place and convenience
  • Access to course materials including video, downloadable files, e-guides and other resources
  • Access to world class business simulation to practice and learn by doing
  • Facilitation, guidance and mentoring by industry experts through chats and messages
  • Discussion Forums – interact and learn with peers with an experience like yours
  • Learning Guarantee – 100% Money Back
*Please see individual courses for details

Master the language of business

Finance is the language of business. If you can talk money, then you have one of the most important skills required today. If you want to rise to the top, this is one language that you should master!

Finance 360° is a fully online experiential course in business finance driven by a practice oriented simulation. It is a highly effective online course for those who have no formal background in finance, that is, non finance professionals.

Course Benefits: This course will enable you to understand the money relationship between the various business functions. You will also develop solid understanding of how numbers drive decision making. Knowledge of financial statements like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow, Budgets and key Financial Ratios will provide you powerful tools to make effective business decisions. All in all, a must do course.

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Skill Category: Finance                                                                                  Level: Intermediate/Advanced 

The job of a manager is to solve problems

The problems that organisations need to solve today have become more complex than ever before. Problem Solving is a critical skill required for managers and executives to add value continuously to their organisations!

The highlight of the Problem Solving for Managers online course is the facilitation and mentoring you receive from the expert – Suresh Lulla, who shares from his extensive rich experience of over 40 years in which he has helped organizations worldwide create value worth more than Rs. 17,500 crores by identifying and solving key problems and eliminating Cost of Poor Quality.

With excellent quality video lessons, case scenarios, facilitation and interaction by the Mentor and real life project, this course is an experience you must undergo if you are serious about adding value to your Business as a ‘Problem Solver’.

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Skill Category: Business / Personal Effectiveness                                   Level: All

Learning business without the investment in an MBA

Business is not just about your department, your work or your function. As a business leader, you have to take a comprehensive 360 degree view of business and make critical decisions that affect strategy, marketing, finance and operations. This course is an experience that you must acquire to enable you move to that corner office!

Business 360° is a fully online experiential Business Strategy program facilitated by Industry experts that follows a challenge based ‘Learning by doing’ approach. Through the use of world class simulation, it enables you to practice risk free business scenarios and build skills that you can use in the real world.

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Skill Category: Business                                                                                 Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Introduction to Foreign Exchange Management

In a globalised world, you cannot undermine the need to understand how various currencies work. What causes their values to change and how does it impact business. A unique online course that will help you answer these questions and more!

The Introduction to Foreign Exchange course is designed to enable you to understand the basics of foreign exchange and its management. The course has been designed by Tarini Vaidya, who has spent over 25 years in the domain of foreign exchange and treasury management. One of her several firsts is that she was the first woman treasurer in an Indian bank.

Highlights of the course:

  • Highly Interactive video lessons in High Definition
  • Over 3 hours of video
  • Basic concepts of foreign exchange
  • Determinants of foreign exchange rates
  • Evolution of foreign exchange markets
  • Learn to calculate various forex rates
  • Interact with Expert through discussion forums
  • Free Ehandbook to supplement learning

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Skill Category: Finance                                                                                 Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Can you tell winning stories?

A story is a direct connection to someone’s heart.

Of all the conversations you have had (including movies, theater, presentations), the one that you remember the most is a well told “story”. Storytelling has been an age old phenomenon. Cultures and civilisations have been built through stories. And today business and marketing are not left untouched by it. There are some tremendous benefits of telling a story. 

Try this FREE online course and excel in the skill of communicating with stories.

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Skill Category: Personal Effectiveness                                                        Level: Beginner / Intermediate

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